Our roots


Greenpower is a relatively new programme in Brazil. In the 2016 season, St. Paul´s School was the only school to participate in the international final at Rockingham Speedway, having beaten Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (a university focused only on engineering and technology) in the National finals. St. Paul´s School Lions Racing team is creating a legacy for Brazil as pioneers in Greenpower, every year we thrive and aim to do better than the previous one.
Last year’s achievement has inspired students throughout the country and led others to follow in our steps. There is no doubt that this year the national competition will be even more challenging, yet the Lion Racing team, continues to the lead the country, and this year hopes to lead the international competition in Rockingham.


St. Paul’s School in São Paulo is one of the few certified British International School in Brazil by COBIS. We are considered one of the finest teaching institutions in the whole of Brazil and in South America. Our school´s students thrive to always be respectful, hardworking and honest, which are all values and ideals that we are now implementing on the Lions Racing Team and Greenpower, always doing our best to improve and get better results each time.
St. Paul´s is a traditional, forward looking school seeking to nurture excellence, aiming to provide a high quality British and Brazilian holistic education, for the academic and personal development of pupils and students, within a framework of a caring community which shares a common set of values. Our school motto is: Manibus Potentia Studium Animis, which means “strength is gained with our hands, but zeal is only acquired through our minds”, something we wish to apply to Greenpower.
(For more information on our school, visit: http://www.stpauls.br)