Lion I


We begun competing in Greenpower in the 2016 season. As required, the necessary skills were learned quickly. With a limited budget and short time span, we soon began construction on our first car. Multiple complications arose, such as repeated motor failure and heat dispersion issues. Our mechanics team took each of these problems as an opportunity to improve, and soon, we felt more prepared than ever. After repeated and continued testing and improvement, we competed in the Brazilian finals, against Mauá university. We secured victory, and soon were on our way to the International final in Rockingham, England. Unfortunately, the car’s steering mechanism was broken in transport, and so, the team was forced to deal with a massive problem in a short time. We threaded a wooden cylinder through the steering tube, and we were back on our way. After finishing in 34th place, we had a satisfying finish to the season, and were prepared to take up the task the next year.

Photo of the members: