Greenpower – An introduction

DSC_0956Kind readers,

Welcome to the first of a series of weekly posts which will soon dominate this site, introducing a student led project to design and develop an electric racing vehicle. Composed of 12 pauleans in a group named Lion Racing BR, we participate in an prestigious British Program named Greenpower.

Now, surely most of you must be extremely confused, wondering what Greenpower and Lion Racing BR even mean. This is quite comprehensible as we would expect that very few of you would have heard of either of these names.

However, with this first, introductory post, we do hope to change this whole situation, so that you, your friends and your family are completely aware of the existence of this team in specific and are actively following our progress.

Firstly, I will briefly describe to you what is Greenpower. This is a British Institution composed by 8000 students worldwide where they apply Mechanical and Entrepreneurial knowledge in order to construct an electric powered vehicle. These students join together in small groups of 10 or more members forming groups, which represent their school or even their country.

We are known as the Lion Racing BR composed by 12 bright pauleans bonded by the power of #Lion Love. Our ultimate aim is to rank 1st in the final race at  Rockingham Speedway, UK with our self-built vehicle against 150 other groups from all around the globe. However, to reach this competition our team shall compete against 20 other Schools and Universities in Brazil including USP, MAUA , MACKENZIE, ITA and other renowned brazilians schools and Universities, where only the top 3 will reach the finals in the UK.

Thank you, and keep yourself updated because next week at this exact same time we will have a new post with new updates on the project.


Lion Racing BR Team