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“Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.” – Ayrton Senna


Lion Racing is a team composed of twelve Brazilian students participating in a well-established STEM learning program called the Greenpower Education Trust. The objective of the program is to instigate participants to acquire professional experience in engineering, design and management with our own resourcefulness, incorporating new learning habits, essential in the 21st Century.

Every member of the team holds a specific role, working in unison to achieve the project’s ultimate aim, of designing and producing a competitive electric racing vehicle. All participant works to their limit, dedicating themselves completely to this project, running the extra mile to ensure that our aim is fulfilled.

Greenpower mission


Engineering is no longer viewed as an innovative and engaging career by modern day society, and as a result it has lost its glamour. Greenpower seeks to reverse this, by presenting engineering as a relevant, dynamic and versatile career choice for any young person.

As a STEM project it provides personal experience with problems about sustainability, faced in modern society and links education, industry and community through an inspirational engineering project. It stimulates students to thinks both mathematically and practically, forcing them to place their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Greenpower challenges


By demanding students to design, build and fund their own racing car, GreenPower, forces its students to develop several abilities which expand beyond the bounds of engineering, encompassing other abilities such as marketing, financing and entrepreneurship skills.

The ultimate aim of the project is to develop a competitive racing car for the international competition at Rockingham Speedway in 2017, acquiring funds by the team’s proper means. Every step of the project is extremely challenging, yet the overall gain in skills is indispensable.


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The Team


Arthur Rabelo
Freddy Rabbat
Felipe Rosset
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CAOA is one of the largest car importers in Brazil. For more than 35 years, they have been one of the top 10 companies in the entire automobilistic sector in Brazil. It started in 1979 when its founder, Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, bought a Ford Landau in a dealer that went bankrupt and  he offered that it be passed on to him to compensate for the payment of the vehicle. Six years after that, it became the largest Ford reseller in Brazil and later the largest in South America. Several other companies were later imported to Brazil by CAOA and their sales in CAOA became much larger than they were with other resellers, making them the companies with the most sales for imported cars. In 2012, it got the prize for “Best Reseller in the World” from Hyundai, the first time that the prize was given to a reseller outside of Europe.

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Considered one of the main independent development partners, EDAG develops concepts and solutions tailored to meet the most diverse needs of the mobility industry in specific projects all around the world. In Brazil, EDAG began in 1989, acting in the areas of Product Development, Manufacturing, Production (tools, models and prototypes), administration and commercial. Throughout these years, EDAG do Brasil has significantly consolidated its presence in the market. In Brazil, it has won several prizes such as Volkswagen Supply Award 2007 for Business Excellence – Services – General Purchasing Group, the AUTODATA prize in 2004 for “The Best in the Automobilistic Sector” and the General Motors Awards in 1995, 1997 and 1998.

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